Skin Care and Facials in Santa Rosa

Sahana Wellness Center: Marina Gachet


Stressed Out?

Relax and De-Stress with a Luxurious Therapeutic Massage
Feel the Tension Drain Away

A delightful massage is just what the doctor ordered. Reducing stress is actually good for your health. It’s true—there’s something you love that’s actually good for you!

Look Beautiful and Feel Terrific with Marina Gachet Customized Facials and Skin Treatments

Does looking in the mirror lift your spirits? If not, try it after one of Marina Gachet’s customized facials. Face the world looking terrific and feeling that way, too.

Don’t let stress ruin your holidays.

Why do so many people feel stressed out during the season of joy?  End a day of shopping with a soothing massage or facial. Better yet, get Marina Gachet gift certificates for all your loved ones. No shopping, no mall, no crowds. Relax in a private, fragrant setting, with soft, soothing music and the massage or facial of your choice.