Dermasound Elite

Treat yourself to firmer skin.

You don’t act your age. Why look your age?

Sahana Wellness Center is proud to offer skin treatments using our DermaSound™ Elite state-of-the-art ultrasonic system. 

Here are the changes you can expect to see after this gentle treatment:

Reduced lines and wrinkles

Smoother texture and even skin tone

Minimized pore appearance

DermaSound™ Elite does not injure the skin. It’s a perfect treatment for fragile or sensitive skin. Using distilled water and low-frequency sound waves, DermaSound™ Elite is a non-invasive skin care device used by trained professionals.

Medical studies report the following improvements after just one treatment:

Acne patients saw a noticeable improvement of 98%

Rosacea patients saw a 90% improvement

Psoriasis sufferers found a 100% improvement

Those with pigmentation problems experienced a 100% improvement

How does it work?

DermaSound™ Elite removes damaged layers of dead skin cells using a gentle micro-jet frequency that spins distilled water across the skin’s surface. This gentle treatment dies not cause trauma or skin inflammation. When DermaSound™ Elite is used to apply healing and hydrating products, the nourishing products penetrate much deeper than with manual application.

The result? Tighter and firmer skin and a younger-looking YOU!

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