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Facials make wonderful ***G*I*F*T*S***

They fit, they’re in style, they’re for all ages, and you don’t have to brave the mall.

Think holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, new moms and moms-to-be, and don’t forget dads!

Surprise and delight your sweetie, your mom, and your secretary with a Sahana Wellness Center treatment or facial of their choice.

They’ll adore this gift. Just remember where you got it because they’ll expect the same thing next year.

Thinking employee incentives? 

Your employees will love signing up for a detoxifying foot bath in the middle of the workday. They’ll come back cheerful and refreshed and ready to be more productive. The loyalty this engenders will pay you dividends long after the foot bath is over.

Your business will be known as a great place to work.

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Marina Gachet Customized Facials and Skin Care

ASK ME about products you can take home to pamper your skin and enhance the effects of your treatments. I offer skin care products from different vendors to customize treatments and skin care to your skin type.

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