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Detoxifying Foot Bath

Energizing, Balancing, Detoxifying Foot Bath

Why do I need a detoxifying foot bath? How do you know I have toxic build-up?

Toxic build-up shows itself in different ways: Loss of energy, joint pain, stress, fatigue, weight gain. Each of these symptoms, which we may come to think of as a normal part of life, since so many of our friends share them, can be signs of a toxic build-up in our bodies. Even when we’re “eating healthy,” toxins from nearby chemical spraying, car exhaust, chemicals in household cleansers and beauty products, and a colleague’s smoking, build up in our bodies over the years.

The CDC reports that most Americans have dozens of pesticides and toxic compounds in their bodies. The EPA reports that there are 85,000 chemicals in use today. How can we possibly avoid all of them? We avoid what we can, and for the rest, there is a way to begin cleansing our bodies of toxins.

The Science Behind It

The Electrolysis Detoxifying Foot Bath creates an ionic osmosis process. Negative ions (the good-for-us ions) flow through the body, oxygenating and energizing the cells. The copper tub is important—it doesn’t leach toxins the way a plastic tub might. Neither does the special liner I use for your protection.

Feeling Better

The Electrolysis process drains toxins from the body. I add Himalayan salt crystals and a delightful aromatic mix of 21 beneficial herbs. With regular use, people have noted the following changes in conditions they were resigned to living with:

  • joint pain relief
  • weight loss
  • less fatigue
  • reduced stress
  • reduced inflammation
  • easing of joint stiffness
  • clearing of complexion
  • better digestion and elimination

Others have noticed that their sinuses opened, vertigo disappeared, and blood circulation improved, causing them to feel warmer. We don’t know all the effects that environmental toxins have, but the positive changes many users report give us a window onto the answer.

Try It

Is it worth a try? Come in for a single Foot Bath or, for greater effectiveness, a series of sessions, and see for yourself.

Do I get Foot Baths myself? You bet! Twice a week without fail, using the same Himalayan salt crystals and the same aromatic blend of herbs that my clients enjoy. So I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that after a detox, I feel lighter, my skin looks clearer, and I have more energy and focus. I wouldn’t miss my Detoxifying Foot Baths for anything. 

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