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Acne Treatment

Plagued by Acne?

Are you sick and tired of zits? Embarrassed by skin breakouts that seem to come at the most inconvenient times? Whether you’re in your teens, twenties, or beyond, acne is unwelcome, annoying, even depressing

It’s Time to Get Rid of It With Acne Treatment!

If over-the-counter remedies and even the dermatologist’s prescriptions haven’t worked, and you’re worried about taking stronger medications, COME SEE ME.

Why Should I Come See You?

I offer a drug-free, safe way to get rid of acne. Even though Accutane has been pulled off the market, other brands of the same drug, isotretinoin, are still being prescribed for acne even though they carry significant health risks.

Can’t I Just Buy a Product and Use It at Home?

There are products you’ll use at home and products I’ll apply at my office. Professional-strength exfoliants should ideally be applied by a professional esthetician. I’ll see how your skin reacts and judge the amount of time needed before removing them. Everyone’s skin is different. I’ll also monitor your progress and make changes to your home regimen as needed.

More advantages of professional acne treatment:

  • I offer a treatment that will lighten the dark spots caused by acne.
  • Your home-use products may dry your skin a bit as you are getting used to using them. I’ll monitor this and help you re-hydrate your skin.
  • Professional acne treatments help clear your skin more quickly and effectively than home-use products alone. At the same time, I’ll monitor your skin to make sure it’s not getting irritated. We want to move as quickly as your skin allows. Sensitive skin has to be treated differently, more gently.


How Soon Will I See Results?

With my Face Reality professional products, most people find that their acne is under control in six to twelve weeks. The combination of home care products used regularly and twice-a-month professional treatments is a winning duo that facilitates the clear skin you long for.

What Does This Cost?

Acne Consultation

What type of skin do you have? What type of acne do you have? During this 45-minute consultation I’ll offer recommendations on how to achieve clear, beautiful skin. $50

Acne Consultation plus Treatment

When you have your first treatment at the same appointment as your consultation, the consultation fee is waived. You get the treatment and consultation (90 minutes) for the price of the treatment, $150.

Subsequent Treatments

Each subsequent treatment is $120. Many clients see results after six weeks and notice significant clearing after twelve weeks. Everyone is different, and we can’t predict how your individual skin will react.

3-treatment Package

You can have your FIRST THREE treatments for $300 (a savings of $60) if you sign up during your very first appointment.
Once your acne is under control, it’s important to maintain your home care regimen in order to maintain clear skin. Many people choose to come in for a “booster” treatment every few months to help keep their new, beautiful look.

At your first treatment, you can purchase your first set of home-use acne products, which will get you on the road to clear skin. Expect to pay $150 for this set of products.

During your twice-a-month treatments, I’ll do the following to help clear your skin:

  • Exfoliate your skin so your home products penetrate your pores more effectively
  • Hydrate your skin so that it is healthy and supple
  • Extract existing acne impactions
  • Treat acne-producing bacteria inside your pores

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