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Neck and Decolletage

Don’t forget your Neck and Decolletage

Despite the name, facials are not just for the face. Yes, I know “facial” sounds much like “face,” but don’t be fooled. The neck often shows signs of aging before the face does, and the décolletage even before that. Why?

For one thing, when we started using moisturizer back in our teens, no one said anything about those other important areas. In fact, if anyone had said “décolletage” back then, it would have sent us into fits of giggles, right? So we slathered on the moisturizer, but only on our face. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

Worse, we may be forgetting to apply sunscreen to these neglected areas, making them especially vulnerable to sun damage. To further complicate matters, the “neck and dec” skin lacks the elasticity and resilience the rest of our skin has. It’s fragile and produces less oil than the face.

Okay, so you’ve neglected these important areas in the past. That was then. This is now.

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Call me for a facial that includes the neck and décolletage. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated, with not only a new resolve to take care of your overlooked real estate, but with tips and ideas on how to do so most effectively.

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