Facials for Men

What’s both trendy and classic?


How do I know this? I know they’re trendy from reading GQ and other popular men’s magazines, talking to my fellow estheticians, and looking at my appointment book. Men are no longer concerned about seeming less manly by getting a facial.

I know they’re a part of classic barbering because giving a facial is part of the barber licensing exam, not only in California, where anything goes, but in New York and elsewhere, too. Texas, for example. Seriously. Look it up.

Yes, the last male grooming taboo is slinking out the back door as men proudly march through the front door of spas and salons and say, loud and clear, “I’d like to book a facial. No, it’s not for my girlfriend. It’s for me.”

Is there a difference between a facial for a man and one for a woman? Skin is skin, right?

Wrong. Men’s skin is different in several ways.

So their facials are different, too.

  • Men’s skin is significantly thicker than women’s, significant being 25%. Men’s skin also has greater collagen density and better hydration. Different products and techniques are required.
  • Men face unique shaving-related problems such as ingrown hairs, sensitivity, and razor burn. Men’s facials address these issues.
  • Men can sometimes be more cavalier about use of sunscreen, and may have skin damage from sun and wind.
  • Lastly, a matter of preference. Products geared for men tend to smell like cedar or mint or bourbon (just making up that last one) rather than gardenias.

Of course, men’s skin as well as women’s can suffer from acne and aging, and we do facials that address those very issues.

So if you… your dad…  your sweetie… are ready for the latest/oldest trend in good grooming, call me!

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After all, who doesn’t love a bit of pampering?